Chapter III (RET episode)

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'Chapter III'
RET: series 1, episode 3
released 2000/??/??
Kircheis and Margareta.jpg
December 792 UC (483 IC / 3592 CE) - January 793 UC (484 IC / 3593 CE)
3rd of 4 released in RET
162nd of 180 released in all

Chapter III is the third episode of The Retriever arc of the second series of the Legend of Galactic Heroes Gaiden OVA.



The Hässliche Entlein manages to evade and destroy the pursuing Alliance patrol squadron through a timely usage of the captured directional Seffle particle generator prototype. However, with the prototype locked digitally within Count Herxheimer's ship, the crew of the Hässliche Entlein are neither able to access the program that grants the Seffle particles directionality, nor are they able to physically move the prototype to the Hässliche Entlein. As the Hässliche Entlein makes its way back to the Iserlohn Corridor via a different navigation route to avoid possible Alliance detection, Siegfried Kircheis proposes to Reinhard von Müsel to strike a deal with the Count's ten year old daughter Margareta von Herxheimer, who is the only survivor of her family and the only person alive who knows the access code to unlock the prototype.




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