Margareta von Herxheimer

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Margareta von Herxheimer (793 UC (484 IC / 3593 CE))
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Status: Unknown (793 UC (484 IC / 3593 CE))
Born: 782 UC (473 IC / 3582 CE)
Father: Count Herxheimer
Played by: Ōtani Ikue

Margareta von Herxheimer (Japanese: マルガレータ・フォン・ヘルクスハイマー) was the daughter of Count Herxheimer of the Galactic Empire and was the only survivor of her family after their attempt to defect to the Free Planets Alliance was intercepted by Reinhard von Lohengramm (then Müsel) with the cruiser under his command.


Early life

Margareta was born in 782 UC (473 IC / 3582 CE) and can be assumed to have led a happy and comfortable life during her early childhood. She was also precocious as a child, and had a dignified air that was befitting of her noble upbringing. (RET: 'Chapter III')


In late 792 UC (483 IC / 3592 CE), Margareta's normal life was interrupted when her great-uncle, Marquis Wilhelm von Littenheim, tried to silence her family after her father had fallen out of his favour. Her mother was poisoned to death in the process and she narrowly escaped with her life along with her father, who then stole the prototype for the directional Seffle particle generator with the intention of defecting to the Free Planets Alliance. She and other surviving family members then accompanied the Count in the defection.

In late December 792 UC (483 IC / 3592 CE) however, not too long after her family's ship left the Fezzan Corridor, it was accosted by the Hässliche Entlein commanded by Reinhard, which was tasked to track down and apprehend the Count and retrieve the stolen prototype. She followed the rest of her family as they hastily tried to evacuate from the ship via escape pods; however due to a decompression accident, the pods never launched and she became the only survivor of her family. Contrary to her expectations on her pursuers, Reinhard and his subordinates treated her well and provided her with medical attention. She especially took a liking on Siegfried Kircheis, and decided to trust him when he offered to make a deal with her, in which she would reveal the access code for the locked stolen prototype in exchange for her freedom to defect. After the prototype was successfully transferred to the Hässliche Entlein, the officer overseeing Reinhard's mission Lt Commander Bendling, shaken with the knowledge of Margareta's circumstances, volunteered to desert his post and accompany her to the Alliance as her guardian. She accepted him after some deliberation and then departed with him aboard her family's ship to the Alliance in early January 793 UC (484 IC / 3593 CE). Her fate after that is unknown. (RET: 'Chapter III', 'Chapter IV')



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