Chapter IV (RET episode)

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'Chapter IV'
RET: series 1, episode 4
released 2000/??/??
Directional Seffle particles.jpg
January 793 UC (484 IC / 3593 CE)
4th of 4 released in RET
163rd of 213 released in all

Chapter IV is the fourth episode of The Retriever arc of the second series of the Legend of Galactic Heroes Gaiden OVA.



Margareta von Herxheimer accepts the deal proposed by Siegfried Kircheis, in which she will reveal the access code for the directional Seffle particle generator prototype in exchange for her freedom to defect to the Free Planets Alliance along with all the assets of her family. Lieutenant Commander Bendling, an officer dispatched by Imperial Military Intelligence to oversee the entire secret mission, unlocks the prototype in the presence of Reinhard von Müsel and Kircheis. The prototype not only contains the program that enables directional Seffle particles, but also disturbing information about the circumstances that caused the defection of Count Herxheimer. Shaken by those contents, Bendling decides to volunteer as the guardian for Margareta and to accompany her defection, essentially deserting his post. Approved by Reinhard and accepted by Margareta, he then accompany Margareta and leaves for the Alliance in Herxheimer's ship after the prototype is successfully transferred to the Hässliche Entlein.

A few days later, the Hässliche Entlein reaches the vicinity of Iserlohn Corridor and is met by a waiting Alliance blockade. Low on fuel and supplies after their long voyage, Reinhard decides to take an immense risk by using the prototype, whose directionality program is not perfected yet, to saturate the blockade with Seffle particles and ignite them. It succeeds and Reinhard is able to lead the Hässliche Entlein unscathed into the Iserlohn Corridor, where it receives a resupply organised by Ernst von Eisenach before returning to Iserlohn Fortress safely and completes its mission.


Memorable quotes

"For you, is this Siegfried your retainer, or a servant?"
"He is a friend, an irreplaceable one."

Margareta von Herxheimer and Reinhard von Müsel, on Siegfried Kircheis



Production staff

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