Each Person's Star (DNT episode)

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'Each Person's Star'
DNT: series 1, episode 9
released 2018/06/05
Julian and Yang in Heinessen night (DNT).jpg
796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE)
9th of 48 released in DNT
174th of 213 released in all

Each Person's Star (Japanese: それぞれの星) is the 9th episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These - Encounter.



In the aftermath of the stunning capture of Iserlohn Fortress, politics become polarised within the Free Planets Alliance, with pacifists arguing it is time to conclude a favourable peace treaty with the Galactic Empire, and hardliners arguing it is time to seize the initiative and destroy the Empire once and for all. In such a charged atmosphere, a military officer bypasses the chain of command and proposes an invasion plan to the Empire directly to the National Defence Committee, leading to a High Council meeting convened to discuss the plan. In the meeting, Secretary of the Treasury João Rebelo makes his case that expanding the war would be economically unsustainable and calls for its end. Although he is supported by Secretary of Human Resources Huang Rui, who warns that continuing the war will inevitably unravel the social fabric of the Alliance, the rest of the High Council oppose their arguments, more so after High Council Chairman Royal Sanford reminds his colleagues of the falling popularity of the current administration, and that being successfully re-elected would be unlikely unless the military scores a decisive victory in the short term. In the end, the High Council votes for the invasion of the Empire, with only Rebelo, Huang, and surprisingly, Secretary of Defence Job Trunicht against it.

Elsewhere in Fezzan, Adrian Rubinsky reviews his recent acquisitions and investments in both the Alliance and the Empire and muses over his plan to financially dominate both of these countries.

Meanwhile, Yang Wen-li tries to retire from the military and embark on his choice career as a historian, but his resignation letter is rejected by Fleet Admiral Sidney Sithole, who insists that the military is still in need of a talent like him. Later on, Yang goes out to dinner with Julian Mintz in the March Rabbit, and meets Frederica Greenhill, who invites them to dine together with her father Admiral Dwight Greenhill. After the dinner, while en route back to his residence, Yang learns that Jessica Edwards has quit her job as a music conservatory teacher and entered politics by winning a by-election in Terneuzen, representing the anti-war movement. A traffic system breakdown forces Yang and Julian to walk back home, making them miss out on Jessica's inaugural speech, where she passionately states her desire to push for greater government accountability and for the end of the war.


Memorable quotes

"Wait! We don't have that right! We haven't been granted the authority to dispatch troops in vain for the sole purpose of maintaining political power!"

João Rebelo, during the High Council meeting

"In both the Empire and the Alliance, there are those who think that war is nothing but two fleets shooting at one another in space. But that's not true. To rule the universe, you need..."
"The Dominion of Fezzan have bought nearly half of both countries' war bonds. Fezzan will financially rule over every part of the universe that mankind has touched."
"Yes, of course. So long as a second Rudolf doesn't show up and start a new Galactic Empire."

Adrian Rubinsky and Dominique Saint-Pierré

"I want to keep asking the people in power this: Where are you, while you send soldiers to their deaths? Where are you and what are you doing?"

Jessica Edwards, during her inaugural speech


Production staff

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