Interlude (DNT episode)

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DNT: series 1, episode 10
released 2018/06/12
Alliance military strategic meeting (DNT).jpg
August 796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE)
10th of 48 released in DNT
175th of 213 released in all

Interlude (Japanese: 幕間狂言) is the 10th episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These - Encounter.



In Fezzan, Adrian Rubinsky warns the Imperial High Commissioner Jochen von Remscheid that the Alliance is planning a full scale invasion of the Empire, who then hurriedly relays the information back to the Imperial capital Odin.

Meanwhile, the Alliance military convenes a high level strategic meeting to discuss the specifics of the plan to invade the Empire. A force of 8 fleets under the overall command of Fleet Admiral Lasalle Lobos, with Admiral Dwight Greenhill as chief of staff, is assembled for the expedition. The expeditionary force, comprising of over 30 million men and 200,000 spaceships, represents about 60% of the Alliance military strength, and the expedition itself is the largest ever operation in Alliance history. However, the strategic objective of the expedition is found wanting, and any misgivings raised by the various Alliance fleet commanders are immediately rebuffed by Commodore Andrew Falk, the drafter of the invasion plan, who is supremely confident of the infallibility of his plan and the righteousness of the war.

In the Empire, Reinhard von Lohengramm is assigned to repel the Alliance invasion, and in his own meeting with his subordinate fleet commanders he announces his plan to lure the Alliance expeditionary force to overextend itself deep within Imperial territory before retaliating with a full scale offensive.


Memorable quotes

"What makes him say the people of the Galactic Empire desire the illusion of freedom and equality rather than real peace? The idea of this expedition itself is irresponsible enough, but its execution is proving to be irresponsible in extremes."

Yang Wen-li, on Andrew Falk and the plan to invade the Empire


Production staff

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