Econia Internment Camp

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Aerial view of the Econia Internment Camp (788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE))

The Econia Internment Camp (Japanese: エコニア捕虜収容所) was a facility built to house Imperial prisoners-of-war captured by the Alliance in the Alliance–Imperial War. The camp was located in the same crater as Econiapolis, only a few kilometers beyond the city's limits.

A square compound resting atop a plateaus surrounded by three concentric walls, the camp was divided into four separate blocks, each block containing 54 compounds. In 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE), 3,600 Alliance officers were assigned to guard the prisoners, who were allowed a high level of autonomy, and the prisoners themselves numbered 55,400. (SL: 'Planet POW Camp')

788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE) Prisoner Riots

On 10 November 788 UC (479 IC / 3588 CE), a group of Imperial prisoners took several alliance officers hostage, including the camp's second-in-command, a commander Jennings. Seizing weapons from an armoury, the prisoners, led by an Imperial nobleman named Presberg, seized control of the 17th Compound in the camp's eastern block. Their initial demand was simply to exchange the five officers captured, including Jennings, for the camp's director, captain Barnaby Costea.

Captain Costea instead sent his newly-arrived secretary, Yang Wen-li, along with Fyodor Patrichev, as replacement prisoners. Yang and Patrichev were taken captive; Jennings and the other Alliance officers were released unharmed.

Once Yang and Patrichev were in the 17th Compound, Captain Costea began bombarding the building, hoping to kill everyone inside. At this point another Imperial prisoner, Christopf von Köfenhiller, indicated that Costea had orchestrated events in order to cover up his illegal activities at the camp. Köfenhiller led Yang, Patrichev and the other prisoners into the camp's old communication tunnels, which had not been used in decades, which they used to escape the 17th compound. Once safe, Presberg admitted that he had instigated the riot under orders from Captain Costea, who had promised him and his men an early return to their homes in the Empire.

Yang and Patrichev detained Costea, who was later arrested by Alliance intelligence officer Murai after being charged with embezzlement. At the request of Köfenhiller, Yang also requested Murai to prioritize the return of Presberg and his men to the Empire. (SL: 'Prisoners and Hostages'SL: 'A Rebellion of Microscopic Size')

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