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Yes. They do have souls.

Bots are automated or semi-automated computer programs that assist humans with repetitive tasks. In the context of wikis like Gineipaedia, bots are used to perform actions on wiki content according to a set of instructions provided by a contributor. Common tasks include adding multiple pages to a category, replacing common misspellings, and submitting a large number of 'skeleton' pages based on a template.

Since bots have the potential to spam the Recent changes page, they do not appear there by default. However, they can be displayed by clicking the 'Show bots' link near the top of the page.

As a general policy, Gineipaedia staff frown upon the use of bots without permission. If you would like to have your bot approved, please consult with one of our staff.

Currently, the following bots are approved on Gineipaedia:

Bot name Owner Purpose
Commodore Ansbachup ( contribs ) kine ( talk | contribs ) Updating of Gineipaedia:Data
Rudolf von Goldenbot ( contribs ) kine ( talk | contribs ) General (categories, page creation, structure)

Please do not leave messages directly on bots' user/talk pages — they are unlikely to be seen. Instead, use the talk page of the owner (as listed above).

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