Hassan el-Sayyid

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Hassan el-Sayyid (Japanese: ハッサン・エル・サイド) was a politician serving in the Galactic Federation's parliament during Rudolf von Goldenbaum's rise to power and eventual founding of the Galactic Empire.


el-Sayyid was a member of the Republican Faction opposing Rudolf's fascistic National Reform Alliance, and an outspoken critic of Rudolf himself. He kept a diary during this tumultuous era, which was published posthumously. (Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 1: Dawn)


"Here in my room, I can hear the crowds outside shouting 'Hail, Rudolf!' I wonder how many days they'll need to realize that they're cheering their own hangman."
Excerpt from Hassan el-Sayyid's diary.

After his death, el-Sayyid's diary was published throughout the empire. Due to the criticism (and condemnation) of Rudolf's rule contained within, publication of the book was banned and the Empire added it to a list of prohibited texts.

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