Hassan el-Sayyid's Diary

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Hassan el-Sayyid's Diary (published title unknown) was a banned book in the Galactic Empire. Written by a Federation politician opposed to Rudolf von Goldenbaum and his National Reform Alliance party, Hassan el-Sayyid, the diary was highly critical of the new regime and its publication was prohibited as a result.


El-Sayyid's diary was very critical of both Rudolf and his supporters:

"Here in my room, I can hear the crowds outside shouting 'Hail, Rudolf!' I wonder how many days they'll need to realize that they're cheering their own hangman."
Excerpt from Hassan el-Sayyid's diary. (Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 1: Dawn)


Despite being banned, copies of the diary survived the empire that sought to destroy it. FPA historian D. Sinclair cited the diary in the documentary The Inviting to History.

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