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LOGH002 vs SWV2

Location discrepancy

I've noticed an interesting discrepancy in the series. In 'The Battle of Astarte', the diagram on the screen shows an indicator for Legnica on the Imperial side of the Corridor, almost parallel to Iserlohn. However, in SWV 'Chapter II' it's established that Legnica is part of the same starzone as Kapche-Lanka, and that this starzone is located on the FPA side, in between Van-Fleet and Tiamat.

Is this something that Tanaka retconned into the series, and they weren't aware of it during the production of LOGH? Or is the diagram in error? Or is it not meant to be taken literally? (The diagram does seem to show Legnica outside of where common sense might tell you the bounds of the corridor should be.) I dunno  ♥ kine @ 10:09, 11 May 2011 (UTC)

I don't believe there were ever any maps included with the any of the novel publications. This is why there are so many discrepancies with different OVAs, licensed material (like encyclopedias, data books, computer games, etc) and why there are so many contradictory fan-created maps. Logically, Legnica must be on the FPA side of the corridor--if it were so easy to bypass Iserlohn Fortress, the fortress would have little value. It is likely in one of the many perpetually-contested starzones on the FPA-side of the corridor and, IIRC, the SWV OVAs specifically mention that it had been an area of contest for a long time (just a low priority). Canary 18:01, 11 May 2011 (UTC)
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