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Title translation

Another title discrepancy. I have "Bloodthirsty Maiden (Brünnhilde)" "Biki (Buryunhiruto) wa Chi o Hoisu" (美姫(ブリュンヒルト)は血を欲す) — Canary

Yeah, the source that i copied the titles from didn't include the furigana, so i have gone back later and found several problems like this. This is a known one but i never got far enough on my Translation page to mention it.
'Beautiful Maiden' (or just 'Maiden') is the literal translation of 'Brünhild' from Norse/Germanic into kanji, but the title that appears in the episode has furigana that spell out 'Brünhild' above it. So i think it should be something like 'Bloodthirsty Brünhild' or 'Brünhild's Blood-lust' or something to that effect.  ♥ kine
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