The Crimson Star Road (episode)

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'The Crimson Star Road'
LOGH: series 4, episode 107
released 1997/??/??
New Century and IRGF.JPG
May 801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE)
107th of 110 released in LOGH
110th of 189 released in all

The Crimson Star Road (Japanese: 深紅の星路クリムゾン・スターロード) is the 107th episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



In late May 801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE), a refugee ship chased by Imperial ships runs into the Iserlohn Republic Government Forces. The IRGF decides to engage the Imperial ships. Eventually both sides send in reinforcements. News of the entire IRGF being deployed outside the Iserlohn Fortress prompts Reinhard von Lohengramm to set out from Heinessen with his expeditionary force and engage with the IRGF personally. The combined Imperial fleets number 51,700 ships while the IRGF only has 9,800 ships. Both sides engage each other cautiously while rotating their front line forces. Reinhard collapses midway through the battle. A communications blackout results in frustration amongst the Imperial admirals. Olivier Poplin intercepts some communications between Wolfgang Mittermeyer's fleet and the Imperial Supreme Headquarters and learns about Reinhard's collapse. He relays the information to Julian Mintz, who then decides to board the Brünhild with armoured infantry.


Memorable quotes

"Before the battle, I want to say this to all of you once again. Regardless of what the Goldenbaum Dynasty did in the past, so long as the Lohengramm Dynasty lives on, the Emperor will always stand at the head of the Galactic Empire's fleets in all battles. That applies to my son, too. The Emperors of the Lohengramm Dynasty will never hide behind their soldiers and wage war from afar in a safe and secure court. I pledge to you all: a coward will never become Emperor in the Lohengramm Dynasty!"

Reinhard von Lohengramm, announcing the Imperial Fleet before the Battle of Shiva



Production staff

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