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Captain Herder (791 UC (482 IC / 3591 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Rank: Captain
Status: Deceased (suicide)
Died: 791 UC (482 IC / 3591 CE)
Played by: Miyata Hikaru (SWV)
Kamei Saburō (GW)

Herder (Japanese: ヘルダー) was an Imperial military officer who served as the commander of the Imperial front line base BIII on the planet Kapche-Lanka in 791 UC (482 IC / 3591 CE).


In July 791 UC (482 IC / 3591 CE), he received a secret letter sent on behalf of Marquise Sussanna von Beenemünde that promised him of a promotion and a transfer away from the front lines if he killed the newly posted Ensign Reinhard von Müsel. Tempted by the letter, he plotted to kill Reinhard with one of his subordinates, Lieutenant Fugenberch. First, he ordered Fugenberch to tamper with the tank assigned to Reinhard and Siegfried Kircheis such that they would run out of fuel during their reconnaissance mission and be trapped behind enemy lines. However, both of them returned back to base unscathed, forcing Herder to take a direct approach. He announced an attack on an Alliance base on the planet, and attempted to lure Reinhard away to kill him while in the midst of combat. Unbeknownst to Herder however, Reinhard had already surmised his plot and used this opportunity to turn the tables against him. Having caught red-handed in his attempted murder and fearing his entire family would also be executed if he were court-martialed for high treason, Herder committed suicide by leaping off into a valley. Nevertheless, his second in command, Commander Martial, who had witnessed his attempted murder of Reinhard, decided to cover up the cause of Herder's death as he felt that attempting to indict Marquise Beenemünde would be futile and even dangerous. (SWV: 'Chapter I', 'Chapter IV')



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