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Christfer Wood was an admiral of the Galactic Federation's Armada and a war hero, who fought against the Space Pirates in the Pirate Wars between 206 UC (3006 CE) and 208 UC (3008 CE).



In 106 UC (2906 CE) the Galactic Federation created a special task-force to take on the growing threat of interestellar piracy in the frontier systems. Christpher Wood was tasked with leading this force, alongside fellow admiral Michel Cuffren.

By 108 UC (2908 CE) the pirate threat had been significantly reduced, earning Wood and Cuffren celebrity status as heroes of the pirate wars.

After retiring from military service, Wood ran for office, and won a seat in the Federation parliament, where he built a reputation for himself as a tireless crusader against government corruption. (Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 1: Dawn)


Wood was evidently considered to be one of the greatest heroes in Federation history: after his defeat of the Main Street Pirates granted Rudolf von Goldenbaum intergalactic celebrity, he was sometimes called the "reincarnation of Christpher Wood." (LOGH: 'Julian's Journey, Mankind's Journey')


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