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Destruction of the Main Street Pirates (288 UC (3088 CE))

The Main Street Pirates were a band of outlaws operating in and around the Betelgeuse Starzone in the Galactic Federation's Frontier Worlds during the third century of the Universal Calender. For several years they terrorised the trade-routes between inhabited starzones, disrupting commerce and travel within the Federation.

In 288 UC (3088 CE), the Main Street Pirates were ruthlessly defeated by Federation Armada forces under the command of Rudolf von Goldenbaum in the Betelgeuse Starzone. This victory was monumentally important to the people of the Galactic Federation, as it signalled a return to the law and order that had been lost after the end of the Federation's Golden Age some 90 years prior. The victory elevated the young Rudolf to national prominence. He would then make use of his celebrity status to launch an aggressive political career that eventually culminated in the creation of the first Galactic Empire.

Rudolf would later be criticised for the brutality of the tactics he employed when fighting the Main Street Pirates. (LOGH: 'Julian's Journey, Mankind's Journey')


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