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The Lennenkampf Fleet (Japanese: レンネンカンプ艦隊) was an Imperial Navy formation under the command of Admiral Helmut Lennenkampf. Its only major campaign was Operation Ragnarök, as Lennenkampf joined the ranks of Reinhard von Lohengramm's admiralty after the Lippstadt War. The fleet initially fought on the Iserlohn front under Oskar von Reuenthal's overall command before joining the other Imperial units in the Free Planets Alliance, being defeated by Yang Wen-li again (having fallen for his trickery during the Ninth Battle of Iserlohn) during the Battle of the Black Hole. Afterwards the fate of the Lennenkampf Fleet is unknown, but Lennenkampf was assigned by Reinhard as the Imperial consul on Heinessen to the subjugated Alliance. It was presumably dissolved by the time that Lennenkampf was killed, about five months after the Rangarök operation. (LOGH: 'Operation: Ragnarök', 'Admiral Yang's Ark Fleet', 'Battle After Battle', 'Blood Running Down the Stairs: Cascade')

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