The Yang Fleet Goes Out (episode)

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'The Yang Fleet Goes Out'
LOGH: series 1, episode 19
released 1989/04/??
Statue with ships.jpg
March-April 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE)
19th of 110 released in LOGH
20th of 180 released in all

The Yang Fleet Goes Out (Japanese: ヤン艦隊出動) is the 19th episode of the Legend of Galactic Heroes OVA.



Reinhard von Lohengramm decides to lead the main fleet against Geiersburg Fortress while Siegfried Kircheis, assisted by Vice Admirals Cornelius Lutz and August Samuel Wahlen, will be in charge of suppressing the other rebel starzones. Meanwhile in the Free Planets Alliance, Andrew Falk is discharged from the hospital. Hoping to be reinstated to active duty, Falk approaches Joint Operations Headquarters Chief Kubersly to make a direct request. After Kubersly reproves him for trying to bypass proper channels, Falk shoots him in anger, critically injuring him. This incident ignites the chain of events that occur right afterwards: on 3 April 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE), a military uprising takes place in the planet Neptise, followed by similar uprisings in the planets Kaffer, Palmeland and Shampool over the next few days. Finally, on 13 April, a military coup is successfully staged in the planet Heinessen. The usurpers, led by Admiral Dwight Greenhill, styles themselves as the National Salvation Military Council (NSMC) and suspends the democratic institutions of the Alliance. High Council Chairman Job Trunicht goes into hiding. Yang Wen-li decides to fight for democracy; the Yang Fleet leaves Iserlohn Fortress on 20 April to suppress the coup d'état while the NSMC-aligned 11th Fleet goes out to stop it.


Memorable quotes

"In order to overthrow the Empire that Rudolf established, they will resurrect Rudolf's ghost? What a terrible farce."

Yang Wen-li, on the National Salvation Military Council

"Well, the truth is I don't understand you at all. You're just a mass of contradictions. For example, there's nobody who hates the stupidity of war as much as you do, yet at the same time, there's no one more skilful in this war than you. Isn't that so?"

Walter von Schönkopf, to Yang Wen-li



Production staff

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