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Screenshots archive

Hi Kine, I am very interested in the screenshots you made from the first half of the series. If you could host it somewhere or send them to me, I would be very grateful. Thanks :) Saga, 22 June 2012 (UTC)

Sure! It will take me a while to upload it, since it's pretty large. Will reply back later today!  ♥ kine @ 13:05, 22 June 2012 (UTC)
OK, here you go: subtitle
This archive contains about 1500 numbered and tagged PNG files going up to about episode 080. The file size is roughly 650 megs. Let me know if you have any questions or anything!  ♥ kine @ 17:45, 22 June 2012 (UTC)
Thank you very much! Now I can work on an almost complete tranlation table. I will share it when it is done, that is to say... in quite a long time. Saga, 23 June 2012 (UTC)

Hi, I dunno if you still remember me, it was a long time ago in March, I dropped a message on your talk page, Kine, and did some listing on FPA characters name in the forum. Sorry for suddenly disappeared from the world. real life sux... problems, no internet, etc. Anyway, I'm still a LOGH fan :) I've been working on reproducing all of the nameplates (the subtitles with character names) into CA subs, by manually watch the LD version encodes, then type em on Notepad: the (misspelled) default name, the Japanese texts, the timing when it shows, translate em into proper English, then reproduce it with AegiSub. Your screenshots link up there pretty much save the aggravation of having the all important Japanese texts getting view-blocked by CA subs. And it's hard subs... sometimes I get lucky by using framestep on my player and catch a glimpse of the texts b4/after it get blocked. I want to translate correctly, instead of using the sometimes hilarious default nameplates ("Neckless of Artemis" made my day) and the German ones into proper English, plus the extra info (Space Fleet Commander in Chief, etc.) are neat and I want to translate em as complete as possible, and such info are in the Japanese texts.

So my question is, did you ever finished the whole screenshots till the end, eps 110. If so, I want it hehe. plz do be kind and upload it. If you haven't oh well... my luck. maybe this'll rekindle your spirit to finish the project :p 30 eps more and it's complete. Ah, so close... * begging mode* :p

Well, I've thought of an easier way than to have you resuming your screenshots project. I'll just drop you a message here, type the nameplates which are the Japanese texts above em blocked completely ever. Then if you be so kind, play your specific DVD episode and wrote down the texts for me here.

Another way is, since it's DVD, you can just rip all the subs (.sup format) from the 110 eps, and upload em. I can view .sup with SubtitleCreator. I'm not sure which one is the less hassle. I leave it to you to decide.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I hope you can indulge in my request, and I hope it won't take too much of your time. Waiting for the good news. See you. :) 3island18 08:25, 12 October 2013 (UTC)

Hello there. I'm afraid that i never did finish it, and i no longer have a Windows-based machine to do so even if i wanted to. If you know of any Mac-based subtitle-detection software i could use, i might be willing to give it a shot, but otherwise, i'm sorry. :/  ♥ kine @ 01:12, 13 October 2013 (UTC)

Hello again, thanks for replying. and my apologize for my late reply. For various reasons, currently I don't have any internet connection for my self. For now, I'm using my friend's internet at his home. So every time I want to use the internet, I would have to look for an excuse to visit him and make a trip to his house :p I still could check on this page on my cellphone to see whether there's a reply or not, but I couldn't reply with my ancient cell. So with that, I'm sorry for being late in replying (24 hours per message), and thank you for your patience. I promise that I'll be always watching this page through my cell for any reply, and quickly response ASAP.

Okay, onto business. So I've spent hours googling, looking for subtitle detection software for Mac, but damn, it's hard to find. so I've thought of another solution. instead of creating screenshots, why don't you just rip the DVD subtitles and upload it for me?

Here's what I have in mind. But 1st thing 1st, I wanna know about your DVD source:

1.) are they true DVD files, ie. VOB & IFO files, whether it's a real physical DVD (which means, cool, you own LOGH original DVDs *drools*), or VOB & IFO files copied into your harddisk (maybe you downloaded it from somewhere like torrent..., but still, it's a true DVD), file size should be 4+ gb per DVD. I presume the DVD subtitles are "external", ie. you can turn it off while watching it, instead of hardsubbed into the video. I have the BD encodes, no nameplates ever shown while using CA subs (except the few nameplates which are reproduced by CA of course) or no subs. the only hardsubbed ones are the UC xxx, RC xxx, ENDE + the episode titles in Japanese, that "to be continued" in funny German, next preview + its title, the names for the two "documentary" episodes when Julian watch some documentaries (Galactic Federation to Empire, and Earth History). I presume it's the same between DVD & BD, even the timing when the nameplates show up (though you did point out that some are not, but those are minor I think).

2.) or they're encodes (MKV, AVI, MP4, etc.)? if it is, is it hardsubbed/softsubbed (VobSub, ASS)?

I presume it's no. 1. Oh, and what's your Mac OS? OS X? Lion something? I'm pretty much blind about Mac.

Anyway what I have in mind is, you just extract the DVD subtitles of eps 81-110 into VobSub format (the results would be a pair of files: .sub and .idx), and upload em somewhere for me to download. Each files should be 3 mb below, and that's for anime which has a lot sentences. For LOGH nameplates, I bet it's 1-2 mb only. VobSub (.idx & .sub pair) an image based subs, NOT .srt text based subs. Because LOGH nameplates have Japanese texts on em, no OCR can stand it and make it into .srt :p

here's the best program to extract DVD subtitles into .sub + .idx pair for Mac OS:

developer's site

older version plus some explanation

step-by-step tutorial on how to extract the .sub .idx pair files

more tutorial, in texts this time

I think it's fairly easy to use judging from the vid. I also downloaded the Windows version for myself to experiment on on my PC, in case I need to assist you later, maybe.

Well, that's it. extract em, final results: .sub + .idx pair (must be pair, or it won't work as subs), rename both into something same, maybe put em pair into each folder named eps 81, eps 82, goes on, so I wouldn't be confused, that would be much appreciated. Then upload it somewhere. I download em, use em as external subs with my player, K-lite Codec MPC, watch it together with those CA hardsubbed MKVs. Profit.

That's it for now. Good luck for you (and me too). I hope the software will be very easy to use and everything will go smooth. I'll monitor this page for the good news, and assist you more if you ever need it. Frankly, I never use Mac OS, so I can only imagine how it looks like on the screen, and this is also my 1st time using AviDemux too. So we're in the same Ion Fazekath ship, as Arle Heinessen co. roaming the space searching for new world. yeah, okay, cheesy joke aside and as usual annoyingly long message, thanks for your help. see you later. :) 3island18 10:55, 14 October 2013 (UTC)

I am afraid my source was the Nemesis DVD rip, which had hard-coded ('burnt in') subtitles. That is why i never finished it — the process of detecting, sorting, and transcribing the subtitles was extremely tedious. If it were as simple as extracting soft subs, i could have done that just as easily as i did the CA DVD names (which were in ASS format).  ♥ kine @ 04:21, 15 October 2013 (UTC)

Hi there. I'm back. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the very late reply, it's been a busy week. Okay, hmm. I see. Hardsubbed encodes. That's also included in my calculation of "what if" scenarios. Don't worry. I won't give up yet. If it comes to this, everything is pointing to one direction: I have to procure those encodes eps 81-110, and transcribe the subs myself.

B4 replying this, I've spend a couple of hours of googling for Nemesis DVD rip, since that name itself is a big hint. I tried to look for any download links or torrents, but alas, given that it's a pretty old show, (I checked AniDB, Nemesis rip itself was released on 2006. and not much of encode choices on LoGH huh, mostly stalled. rare indeed this masterpiece), I couldn't found any working link or torrent, mostly dead... there's also this one weird torrent which just won't work on my Utorrent, others are weird E-donkey, E-mule, several Chinese softwares which are beyond my ability to use :/

So, um, I'm at the end of my tether >_< argh. All that's left is that one last resort. I hate to bother you... but... um, if you don't mind, would you be so kind to upload eps 81-110? *puppy eyes* This Gineipaedia server is good I think, nice speed from here and resumable (I've downloaded your 657 MB screenshots up there), though I dunno how much capacity it would allow. Downloading from file hosting sites with free user account can be very painful from here. But it's up to you where to upload, I'll just follow by your rules.

An episode of Nemesis MKV is around 230 MB. From what I see on my Utorrent summary on that dead torrent, eps 81-110 would be 6.76 GB, ouch. I hope it's not a big deal for you. where do you live? in this 3rd world country of mine, internet is a luxury :p so it'll be painful for me to download, but, hey, if it's LOGH, I'll manage, I'll burn my money as many as it would take. If you're willing to help by uploading, then I'll get an internet for myself, paying by per GB, can't keep parasiting at my friend's :p

If you want, you can upload em per 6 episodes, I mean, eps 81-86 (6 eps) first, then after I finished download em, I'll report to you, you delete those 6 eps, then you can upload eps 87-92, then eps 93-98, eps 99-104, eps 105-110, 5 times of 6 episodes. But to just upload the whole 30 eps at once is also very much welcomed. Even better if you already got some secret links where to download em, just tell me.

In return of your kindness, I'm volunteering to resume your screenshots project on this page here. It's so close to perfection, just 30 eps more, such a waste. I'll watch em manually and take screenshots of the nameplates and upload em to you, then I'll create a complete text list of LD & DVD nameplates with all the Japanese texts, Kanji and Katakana alike, its reading transcription plus the correct (my own) English translation. I'll post it in LOGH forum. Then you can use it as you like for Gineipaedia benefit. I'm always thinking of doing something good for Gineipaedia, and this might be a good chance :) besides for my own fan boy self gratification of course. having my LoGH project suspended and trapped between some loli-siscom-magical school theme-crossdresser animes and buggy PC games makes me... itching for anything LoGH related >_<

Okay, that's all I can think of. I'm stumped. If anybody has some better ideas or can help me, I'm all ears. I hope we can help each other, and your patience with me won't run out too quick @_@

Thank you and sorry m(_ _)m 3island18 09:38, 21 October 2013 (UTC)

I'm very sorry, but as a rule we try to avoid facilitating outright copyright infringement here. We don't want the site to get shut down or anything, you know? I can tell you that it's still out there, though, if you keep looking.  ♥ kine @ 07:39, 26 October 2013 (UTC)

Hello, as always I thank you for always replying. Okay, I understand about the infringement stuff. Worry not, currently I'm downloading through from some Chinese torrent for a very slow and painful speed. Probably will take a month, ie. 30 days (1 file/day...), but I got my own well-trained level of patience.

Btw, is there any other place where I could contact you more... leisurely than here? coz this discussion page is getting too long for a wiki :p I got a few questions regarding those nameplates and other things about LoGH to you who are very knowledgeable about such things. How about the LoGH forum? I can do PM there I think? or just thread is cool, way better than here. See you later. 3island18 10:09, 4 November 2013 (UTC)

Yes, if you'd like to create a thread or PM me on there, that'd be perfectly fine. If you create a thread you might want to leave me a little note here, as i don't get notifications until i've already subscribed.  ♥ kine @ 16:21, 4 November 2013 (UTC)

Yes, I remember you did mention that you check here more often than the forum, than I'll keep posting here as long as it's not touching the infringement thingie. I'll post in the forum if I need to discuss something long and elaborated. How long a discussion page is permitted actually? o_0

Chinese torrent is dead now, only managed to get ep81-82, then that 1 fast IP just gone... already took nameplate screenshots out of boredom. will upload em all to you if I ever manage to get all 30 eps... Currently downloading from another random torrent with same slow speed, at least it's not dead.

Speaking of which, I find the Chinese subs are pretty well translated. So I wonder if you would be so kind to spare your precious time for me to rip the VobSub and upload em somewhere for me? it could serve very well as a helpful reference when fixing some CA translation errors (mostly on season 1, a few on 2), used along with the traditional way of listen-to-dialogue-and-translate, as sometimes some characters are like, mumbling (Boltik!). I want to produce as (near) perfect/accurate as possible of translations. Yes, I'm a nutjob.

In short, I request the VobSub of the Chinese and English (for completeness sake) subs from Nemesis DVD rips, eps 1-80 only. The aforementioned AVIdemux is good, or MKV Tool Nix my fave. But I leave the technicalities to you, as I've come to realize that you're far way up there above my miserable level in computer related skills.

Thank you. Waiting for the good news. I hope this isn't considered as one of the infringement stuff... 3island18 10:18, 6 November 2013 (UTC)


Please check the forum, under LOGH General. I've created a thread. Thank you. This is not only for Kine, but for anyone who can help me to be free of this torment I'm currently experiencing now.

See you later :) Hope you'll return here quickly. 3island18 00:23, 8 November 2013 (UTC)

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