Fleet File Collection Vol.5

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FFC5 front.jpg
Box front/top
Manufacturer(s): Wright Staff
Included: 2x Salamander (Goldenbaum/Goldenlöwe)
1x Valendown
1x Theodoricus (Goldenlöwe)
1x Triglav
1x Cu Chulainn
1x Grand Canal
2x Alliance cruiser
Scale(s): 1/12000
Material(s): ABS
Box dimensions: 27.3 x 19.3 x 10.0 centimetres
Box weight: 610 grams
Release date(s): April 2008
MSRP: ¥8400
JAN: 4571255810059
FFC5 back.jpg
Box back/bottom

Legend of Galactic Heroes Fleet File Collection Vol.5 (Japanese: 銀河英雄伝説 フリート・ファイル・コレクション Vol.5) is a set of finely detailed 1/12000-scale models of several vessels from the Legend of Galactic Heroes animation series. Each model is made of ABS plastic and is fully painted and detailed, with only minor assembly required (to attach radiator fins, antennas, etc.).

Released in April 2008, Fleet File Collection Vol.5 contains a total of nine individual vessels:

Additionally included are:



The Fleet File Collection series in general has garnered a mixed response; reviewers praise the level of detail and the included booklet, but the expense and the small size and variety of the models were criticised.


Name variations

Background information

Although its Vol.5 model bears the crest of the Goldenlöwe Dynasty, the Theodoricus's only appearances in the series slightly predate the use of these markings, and therefore this variant is never actually seen on screen. The vessel's Goldenbaum variant is included in Fleet File Collection Vol.10.

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