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The flagship Valendown (801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE))
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Flag officer: Admiral Wagenseil
Type: Battleship
Purpose: Flagship (Wagenseil Fleet)
Length: 790 metres(FFC5)
Width: 215 metres(FFC5)
Height: 210 metres(FFC5)
Armament: 6 forward beam cannons (FFC5)
10 port cannons
10 starboard cannons
Crew: 685(FFC5)
Status: Active

The Valendown (Japanese: バレンダウン) was the Imperial flagship of Admiral Wagenseil.


Service history

The Valendown was first observed leading the Wagenseil Fleet, assigned to guard the side of the Iserlohn Corridor that led to the Imperial homeland. When the IRF under the command of Sub-lieutenant Julian Mintz moved out from Iserlohn Fortress in an apparent move to attack Imperial space, the Wagenseil Fleet engaged them at the Eleventh Battle of Iserlohn, starting on 12 February 801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE). Admiral Wagenseil attempted to execute a "parallel pursuit" attack in an attempt to close on Iserlohn without being fired on by the Thor Hammer, but was thwarted. The Thor Hammer fired on the Wagenseil Fleet, causing heavy losses. The Valendown survived, and Wagenseil retreated. (LOGH: 'A Challenge to Arms')




Name variations

Background information

Valendown is a mistranslation of Barendown (also known as Barham Downs or Barham Down), the location of one of King Arthur's battles againt Mordred.

Licensed sources

The Valendown was completed in 799 UC (1 NIC / 490 IC / 3599 CE) and was the result of the search for a new standard Imperial battleship design. The old battleship design had served for over half a century and was showing its age. The desire for a new battleship design began in 780 UC (471 IC / 3580 CE) but an official start to a new design did not begin until 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE).

Its recessed and mostly hidden gun ports along with its curved armour used technologies and design philosophies first pioneered by the Brünhild. The Valendown was an attempt to implement the innovations of the Brünhild at a lower cost suitable for a mass production ship.

The Valendown carried 6 main beam cannons, but these had 10% increased range and more destructive power compared to older designs of the same calibre.

Its 4 engines were located in two side pods in a stacked arrangement, showing the forthcoming design trend in the next generation of Imperial warships. On the front of each pod were atmospheric intakes for the engines, when flying through planetary atmospheres. Armoured doors protected these intakes when not in use.

For normal travel, the two lower engines were used, with the upper engines reserved for when maximum thrust was needed. Such an arrangement greatly reduced propellant consumption during normal cruising operations, by up to 70% compared to the old Imperial battleship design. This in turn greatly increased total cruising endurance.

Its lower hull carried 54 Walküre class fighters. (Fleet File Collection Vol.5)


DVD features

A production sketch of the Valendown appears in the DVD features.

FFC drawing

Fleet File Collection

The Valendown is included as a model in Fleet File Collection Vol.5.

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