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Ships of the Littenheim Fleet (797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE))

The Littenheim Fleet (Japanese: リッテンハイム艦隊) was an Imperial Navy formation under the command of High Admiral Marquis Wilhelm von Littenheim.


During the Imperial Civil War of 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE), it consisted of approximately 50,000 ships (one-third of the Lippstadt League Forces) and was led from Littenheim's flagship, the battleship Ostmark. It departed from Geiersburg Fortress to take control of the frontier Imperial systems that rebelled against the nobles, and fought against High Admiral Siegfried Kircheis at the Battle of Kyffhäuser. The enemy inflicted more damage on the Littenheim Fleet due to its poor organization. Littenheim ordered his forces to open fire at extreme range but inflicted negligible damage. Kircheis's forces continued to close the distance and opened fire only when they had closed to 6 million kilometers, taking a heavy toll on the Littenheim Fleet. Kircheis left the main fighting to his subordinates and instead led a detachment of 800 ships, consisting of his flagship Barbarossa and mainly fast battleships, to launch an attack on the Littenheim Fleet's left flank. The attack took advantage of the Littenheim Fleet's poor organization and caused damage disproportional to the small size of the detachment. As the Lippstadt forces fell into confusion, a general attack by Cornelius Lutz and August Samuel Wahlen caused a complete collapse and exposed Littenheim's flagship Ostmark to direct attack. (LOGH: 'Courage and Loyalty')

Littenheim barely escaped due to the sacrifice of its shield ships, and led the remnants of his fleet back towards the safety of Garmisch Fortress with Kircheis in pursuit. The count was killed when a disillusioned officer blew himself up in the command room of Garmisch Fortress, killing everyone there, including Littenheim. After that, most of the fleet presumably surrendered to Kircheis. (LOGH: 'Courage and Loyalty')

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