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The flagship Ostmark (797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE))
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Flag officer: High Admiral Littenheim
Type: Battleship
Purpose: Flagship (Littenheim Fleet)
Status: Captured

The Ostmark (Japanese: オストマルク) was the Imperial flagship of High Admiral Marquis Wilhelm von Littenheim.


Service history

The Ostmark served as flagship of the Lippstadt League's 50,000 ship strong Littenheim Fleet during the Imperial Civil War in 797 UC (488 IC / 3597 CE). When the Littenheim Fleet was engaged by the Kircheis Fleet, Wahlen Fleet and Lutz Fleet in the Battle of Kyffhäuser, the Ostmark came under direct threat by a detachment of 800 ships led by High Admiral Siegfried Kircheis' flagship Barbarossa. Littenheim, fearing for his life, beat a hasty retreat to Garmisch Fortress. The Ostmark's shield ships were destroyed in the process. The Ostmark was presumably captured when Kircheis' troops seized the fortress after Littenheim's death. (LOGH: 'Courage and Loyalty')


The Ostmark is apparently identical to the Wilhelmina and Berlin in design. Like the Berlin, in battle is accompanied by two shield ships which travel in close proximity to the port and starboard side. (LOGH: 'Courage and Loyalty')




Name variations

Background information

Ostmark has several historical uses, and may be a reference to the medieval March of Austria or the Saxon Eastern March east of the Elbe River.


DVD features

A sketch of the Ostmark and its shield ships, alongside a hypothetical Brünhild with shield ships, appears in the extra features of the DVD box set. Despite the title of Imperial standard battleship with shield ships, the art notes and the appearance of the shield ships show this to be in fact the Ostmark, and not a standard battleship.

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