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The Lutz Fleet (Japanese: ルッツ艦隊) was an Imperial Navy formation that was commanded by High Admiral Cornelius Lutz, from the battleship Skirnir. The fleet's first known action was the Battle of Amritsar against the remaining Free Planets Star Fleet units that had been driven back to the Amritsar Starzone following their failed invasion of the Galactic Empire. Shortly after that it took part in the Lippstadt War against the forces of the nobility, being one of the units that defeated the Littenheim Fleet. Later on it took part in the Ninth Battle of Iserlohn under the overall command of Oskar von Reuenthal before becoming the new Iserlohn stationed fleet. The Lutz Fleet was tricked by Yang Wen-li's subordinates into leaving the fortress and ended up taking heavy losses from the Thor Hammer. That was the last known engagement the Lutz Fleet took part in before High Admiral Lutz's death during the Reuenthal Rebellion, remaining stationed on Fezzan during Reinhard's attempt to pacify the Iserlohn republicans as its final assignment. (LOGH: 'The Battle of Amritsar Starzone', 'Courage and Loyalty', 'Admiral Yang's Ark Fleet', 'The Prodigal Sons Come Home', 'To the Windy Corridor')

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