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This page contains a list of names given in the subtitles of the Blu-ray releases of LOGH. The purpose of the list is to provide a record of verified Blu-ray names; these can later be used to update the Name variations sections of the subjects' respective articles.

From what i can tell so far, almost all of the names are exactly the same as the original DVDs. The main differences have been:

  1. the subtitles do not appear to contain the Japanese text that the DVDs and LaserDiscs did (or else my player simply doesn't support it for some reason); and
  2. some names that were displayed at certain points in the DVDs are not displayed at the same points on the BDs. I can't tell if these are mistakes, software incompatibilities, or what.

The list items below contain the exact text from the Blu-ray subtitles. Items marked in italics and brackets are subtitles which do not appear in the BDs where they appeared in the DVDs. Any differences between the BDs and DVDs are explicitly noted with an arrow ( —» ) from the DVD name (left) to the Blu-ray name (right).

(Note: In a few cases, the DVD names are not consistent. For example, Machungo's subtitles show Machungo at one point but Mashengo at another. Any differences listed are between the subtitles that appeared in that episode only.)

Additionally, to differentiate missing articles from articles which simply need renamed, i have marked the latter with an * character. Items with ** need redirects created to their English translations.


055: 'After the Ceremony, the Curtain Rises Again...'

They didn't fix Dusty's name :(

056: 'To Earth'

No subtitles shown.

057: 'The Kümmel Incident'

058: 'Visitors'

059: 'Past, Present, and Future'

060: 'The Magician Is Captured'

061: 'Invitation to an Opera'

062: 'Blood Running Down the Stairs: Cascade'

063: 'Holy Land'

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