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This page contains a list of all of the English HIDIVE episode titles for both of the OVAs. The episode numbers and titles are taken directly from HIDIVE's site, but the links point to our equivalent pages. Thoughts:

I still haven't finished the Gaiden (i've been deliberately avoiding it this whole time) so i'm not sure i can comment on the biggest thing, which is their re-ordering of those episodes. It doesn't seem great at first glance, but maybe there's sound reasoning behind it, idk.

As far as everything else, though, i have mixed feelings. Their titles aren't bad, but i'm not happy with them either. From what i've seen, i'm not sure i'll ever be satisfied with any of the 'official' translation/Romanisation choices.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (series 1)

  1. In the Eternal Night
  2. The Battle of Astarte
  3. The Birth of the 13th Fleet
  4. The Afterglow of the Empire
  5. The Castrop Uprising
  6. The Knights of the Rose
  7. Iserlohn Captured!
  8. Cold Cybernetic Eyes
  9. The Klopstock Incident
  10. Jessica's War
  11. The Actress Exits
  12. The Invasion of the Empire
  13. When the Sad Rains Come...
  14. The Liberation of the Frontier
  15. The Battle of Amritsar
  16. A New Tide
  17. Before the Storm
  18. The Lippstadt Agreement
  19. The Yang Fleet Sallies Forth
  20. Heavens of Bloodshed
  21. The Battle of Doria, and Then...
  22. Courage & Loyalty
  23. The Fall of the Goldenbaum
  24. Victory, For Whose Sake?
  25. The Day Before Destiny
  26. Farewell, Distant Days
  27. First Battle
  28. Portrait
  29. One Slender Thread
  30. Lost Things
  31. The Inquiry
  32. The Battle Without Arms
  33. Fortress vs Fortress
  34. The Return
  35. Decisions & Ambitions
  36. Thunder
  37. The Abduction of the Child Kaiser
  38. The Arrow is Loosed
  39. A Single Journey
  40. Julian's Journey, Mankind's Journey
  41. Operation "Ragnarok"
  42. Invitation to a Requiem
  43. The Gjallarhorn is Sounded
  44. The Fezzan Occupation
  45. The Cold Wave Arrives
  46. Admiral Yang's Ark Fleet
  47. Seeking a Free Universe
  48. The Double-Headed Serpent: Showdown at Rantemario
  49. It's Always Darkest...
  50. Consecutive Battles
  51. Mortal Combat at Vemillion (Part One)
  52. Mortal Combat at Vermillion (Part Two)
  53. A Sudden Turn
  54. Sieg Kaiser!
  55. After the Ceremony, the Curtain Rises Once Again...
  56. To Terra
  57. The Kümmel Incident
  58. Visitors
  59. The Past, the Present & the Future
  60. The Magician is Captured
  61. Invitation to an Opera
  62. A Cascade of Blood
  63. The Holy Land
  64. The Holiday is Done
  65. Against All Flags
  66. Under the Flag of the Goldenlöwe
  67. Ragnarok Once More
  68. To El Facil
  69. The Mission to Retake Iserlohn
  70. The Prodigal Sons Return
  71. The Battle of Marr-Adetta Stellar Region (Part One)
  72. The Battle of Marr-Adetta Stellar Region (Part Two)
  73. The Winter Rose Garden Edict
  74. The Long Road Ahead
  75. Rolling Thunder
  76. Before the Festival
  77. The Wind Blows Towards the Corridor
  78. Spring Storm
  79. The Battle of the Corridor (Part One) ~ The Invincible & the Undefeated
  80. The Battle of the Corridor (Part Two) ~ Kaleidoscope ~
  81. The Battle of the Corridor (Part Three) ~ The End of the Great Campaign ~
  82. The Magician Never Returns
  83. After the Festival
  84. A Disappointing Triumph
  85. The Order to Transfer the Capital
  86. New Government in August
  87. Premonition of a Storm
  88. On the Frontier
  89. The Last Roses of Summer
  90. Rumbling
  91. Germination
  92. The Urvashi Incident
  93. In the Name of Pride
  94. Rebellion is a Hero's Privilege
  95. Clash of the Twin Jewels!
  96. To Live by the Sword...
  97. To Die by the Sword
  98. The Endless Requiem
  99. Approach to the Future
  100. Hoch Kaiserin!
  101. Invitation to Upheaval
  102. Daring to Take Up Arms
  103. Cosmic Mosaic
  104. Towards Peace, Via Bloodshed
  105. Planet in Turmoil
  106. The Stehibalm Schlossbrand
  107. Crimson Star Road
  108. The Brünhild Calls for Blood
  109. The Dying Light of the Goldenlöwe
  110. Seeing a Dream Through to the End

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden (series 2)

  1. The Hero of El Facil
  2. The Hero's New Assignment
  3. Profile of the Heroes
  4. A Modest Journey Into the Past
  5. The Man Beloved of the Goddess of Time ~ Record of the Second Battle of Tiamat (Part One)~
  6. Death of the Hero ~ Record of the Second Battle of Tiamat (Part Two) ~
  7. Between Mourning & Military Clothes
  8. Prison Planet
  9. Prisoners & Hostages
  10. Microscopic Insurrection
  11. The Hero of Econia
  12. Thread From the Past
  13. The End of One Journey
  14. Journey in Search of an Exit
  15. Silver-White Valley: Kapitel I
  16. Silver-White Valley: Kapitel II
  17. Silver-White Valley: Kapitel III
  18. Silver-White Valley: Kapitel IV
  19. The Mutineer: Kapitel I
  20. The Mutineer: Kapitel II
  21. The Mutineer: Kapitel III
  22. The Mutineer: Kapitel IV
  23. The Duelist: Kapitel I
  24. The Duelist: Kapitel II
  25. The Duelist: Kapitel III
  26. The Duelist: Kapitel IV
  27. The Retriever: Kapitel I
  28. The Retriever: Kapitel II
  29. The Retriever: Kapitel III
  30. The Retriever: Kapitel IV
  31. Dream of the Morning, Song of Night: Kapitel I
  32. Dream of the Morning, Song of Night: Kapitel II
  33. Dream of the Morning, Song of Night: Kapitel III
  34. Dream of the Morning, Song of Night: Kapitel IV
  35. The Battle of the Van-Fleet Stellar Region
  36. Drei Rot
  37. Refugees
  38. Bloodstained April
  39. A Dangerous Man
  40. Chronicle of the Aftermath of a Free-For-All
  41. Early Summer, Strong Wind
  42. Candidate to Succeed the Household of a Count
  43. Night of the Party
  44. Truth is the Daughter of Time
  45. The Sixth Battle of Iserlohn
  46. A Hundred Billion Stars, a Single Ambition
  47. The Third Tiamat Battle: Kapitel I
  48. The Third Tiamat Battle: Kapitel II
  49. Disgrace: Kapitel I
  50. Disgrace: Kapitel II
  51. Disgrace: Kapitel III
  52. Disgrace: Kapitel IV

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