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I felt like it might be worthwhile to compile a list of good articles, in order to help me identify which could qualify for 'featured' status, and which are very close to qualifying.

Despite the name, this is not a list of which articles add more value to the site.

In fact, the list says nothing about a given article's length, thoroughness, importance to the series, usefulness to the reader, or any of these other important metrics. Instead, it is only a personal, even biassed, list of articles which i feel meet the following article-composition guide lines:

  1. All text is sourced (citations)
  2. Text is well written (punctuation, capitalisation, basic stuff)
  3. Text is free of any clean-up or citation-needed tags
  4. Article contains at least one image and/or an infobox (where applicable)
  5. Article is complete or near-complete in terms of content from the main OVA (Gaiden/apocrypha is just gravy for now)

Maybe the best way to represent this is a table, as below. Three stars represents an article that fulfils all five of the above criteria; two stars fulfils three or four of the criteria, and one star fulfils two or less.

article title primary contributor criteria met
Andrew Falk kine ★★★
Annerose von Grünewald** Canary ★★
Asgrimm* Vympel ★★
Battle of Astarte kine + ??? (Canary?) ★★
Bremen kine ★★★
Brünhild*** Vympel ★★★
Eistla* Vympel ★★
Erwin Josef II* kine ★★
Fourth Battle of Tiamat** ??? (Canary?) ★★
Galactic Federation Canary ★★★
Garga Falmul* Vympel ★★
Grendel*** Vympel ★★★
Heremoss*** Vympel ★★★
Imperial Civil War* kine ★★
Legend of Galactic Heroes (OVA) kine ★★
Legnica kine ★★★
Lin Pao kine + Canary ★★
Maurya* kine ★★
Maximilian von Castrop kine ★★★
Military ranks of the Free Planets Alliance kine ★★
Morholt*** Vympel ★★★
Neue Sanssouci* kine ★★
Nguyen Van Huu* kine ★★
Ovlesser kine ★★★
Perceval* Vympel ★★
Reinhard von Lohengramm** Canary ★★
Salamander* Vympel ★★
Schmude kine ★★★
Sindur*** Vympel ★★★
Staden kine ★★★
Theodoricus*** Vympel ★★★
Warp** Canary ★★
Watzmann*** Vympel ★★★


* Single-asterisked pages are great style/structure-wise, they just don't have complete histories/biographies yet.

** Double-asterisked pages are great content-wise, they just don't have perfect formatting and/or complete citations yet.

*** I am assuming that the 3-star ship articles listed above are complete or near-complete; they look that way to me, but some of them i didn't even realise had names, so obv i am not quite an expert.


I'd like to re-iterate some points above, as well as add a few more:

1. This list does not attempt to judge an article's merits. It is only a list of articles that i feel meet our article-compositions standards. (I am less qualified to judge merit, but i love creating and implementing standards. It is a hobby of mine)

2. This list is extremely biassed towards my own articles. There are a two main reasons for this:

(a) I simply am more familiar with my own work — i have probably not even looked at the majority of other peoples' articles. This is my own selfish failing, i understand, and it is not meant to be anything more.
(b) When i create articles, my focus is on details which, understandably, might seem minute to some. Others focus more on adding content than on adhering to minor style and organisation guide lines. Both methods have merit, but my interest in the former is obviously the inspiration for this list.

3. The list is of a personal nature. It is intended mainly for my own benefit (which is why it is on my user page). In presenting it, i do not in any way speak as an administrator or representative of Gineipaedia. However, you may comment on it if you like.

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