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The flagship Eistla (800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE))
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Flag officer: Admiral Grillparzer
Type: Battleship
Purpose: Flagship (Grillparzer Fleet)
Length: 848 metres(FFC8)
Width: 201 metres(FFC8)
Height: 189 metres(FFC8)
Crew: 808(FFC8)
Status: Decommissioned (FFC8)
Decommissioned: 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE)

The Eistla (Japanese: エイストラ) was the Imperial flagship of Admiral Alfred Grillparzer.


Service history

Sister ship to Bruno von Knappstein's Ulfrun, the Eistla was first seen at the Battle of Marr-Adetta Starzone in 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE). The Eistla came into grief when it was caught in the system's asteroid field during an eruption of the Marr-Adetta star, and suffered a gash on its ventral hull when it collided with the wreckage of a standard Imperial battleship. (LOGH: 'The Battle of Marr-Adetta Starzone (Part One)')

The Grillparzer Fleet was placed under Fleet Admiral Oskar von Reuenthal's command in Neue Land that same year. The Eistla participated in Reuenthal's rebellion, and its last battle was the Second Battle of Rantemario. (LOGH: 'Live by the Sword...')




Name variations

Background information

The name Eistla is a reference to one of the nine mothers of Heimdallr from Norse mythology.

Licensed sources

Like its sister ship, the Eistla was an evolution of the design principles of the Lübeck.

After Grillparzer's disgrace and the stripping of his rank, the Eistla lost its position and role of a fleet flagship and was decommissioned on Heinessen. (Fleet File Collection Vol.8)


DVD features

A sketch of the Eistla appears in the extra features of the DVD box set.

FFC drawing

Fleet File Collection

The Eistla is included as a model in Fleet File Collection Vol.8.

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