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The flagship Hyperion (796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE))
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Flag officer: Vice Admiral Yang Wen-li
Type: Battleship
Purpose: Flagship (13th Fleet)
Pennant number: 13FB09-2144
Status: Active

The Hyperion (Japanese: ヒューベリオン) was the Alliance flagship of the 13th Fleet under Vice Admiral Yang Wen-li.


Service history

The Hyperion began its career as the flagship of Rear Admiral Yang Wen-li and the newly formed 13th Fleet in 796 UC (487 IC / 3596 CE). It participated in the capture of Iserlohn Fortress, and formed part of the massive Alliance fleet which invaded Imperial territory that same year. In the course of the Imperial counter-attack led by Reinhard von Lohengramm, the Hyperion was engaged against the Kempff Fleet and then the Kircheis Fleet Alliance invasion fleet for the Battle of Amritsar. (DNT: 'The Capture of Iserlohn (Part One)', 'Interlude', 'The Verge of Death (Part One)', 'The Verge of Death (Part Two)')


The Hyperion is a unique flagship that bears little resemblance to other flagships in the Alliance fleet or standard alliance battleships. It features a blue color scheme and a hull layout which concentrates its substantial forward cannon armament near the dorsal side of the bow. It also lacks prominent antennae arrays, and sports large numbers of visible armament on the port and starboard side of the forward hull.

An arrangement of 9 launch bays on the port and starboard side of the rear hull are capable of launching two Spartanian fighters each, for a minimum complement of 36 Spartanian fighters. (DNT: 'The Verge of Death (Part Two)')

Known crew




Background information

Hyperion is one of the twelve Titan gods of Ancient Greek mythology.

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