Birolinen (Dagon Era)

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Gender: Male
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Rank: Admiral
Occupation: Joint Forces Commander
Status: Deceased

Birolinen (Japanese: ビロライネン) was an Alliance admiral. He served as the commander of the Alliance military in 640 UC (331 IC / 3440 CE). He submitted the names of Lin Pao and Yūsuf Topparol to the Alliance government to lead the fleet intercepting the Imperial Expeditionary Force. He did this despite the fact that both men - and Lin Pao in particular - had rather negative reputations, preferring to look objectively at their talents. He was seen as a reasonable, logical man, and his views carried great weight with the Alliance's leaders, allowing the two men to take command of the Alliance Fleet.

During the Battle of Dagon, Birolinen controlled the supply lines, ensuring that their warships and personnel could undertake their tasks at peak efficiency. Birolinen's service after Dagon is unknown. However, the fact that he was already at the top of the military structure allows the supposition that he retired from the military in the very first years of the Alliance–Imperial War.


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