Fang Tchewling

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Vice Admiral Fang Tchewling (745 UC (436 IC / 3545 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Rank: Fleet Admiral
Flagship(s): Gora-Daileng
Status: Deceased (natural causes)
Born: 710 UC (401 IC / 3510 CE)
Died: 773 UC (464 IC / 3573 CE)
Played by: Sugō Takayuki

Fang Tchewling (Japanese: ファン・チューリン) was a flag officer in the Free Planets Star Fleet and a member of the Year 730 Mafia. He was born in 710 UC (401 IC / 3510 CE) and died in 773 UC (464 IC / 3573 CE). He graduated fifth in his class.

During the Second Battle of Tiamat in 745 UC (436 IC / 3545 CE), he was the commander of the 8th Fleet and his flagship was the Gora-Daileng.



As a member of the Year 730 Mafia, Fang Tchewling was a brilliant commander in the Alliance military, and helped lead the Alliance to many important victories against the Galactic Empire. (SL: 'A Profile of Heroes')

After Bruce Ashbey's death during the Second Battle of Tiamat in 745 UC (436 IC / 3545 CE), the Year 730 Mafia broke up. With Ashbey gone, the Alliance was incapable of capitalising on its massive victory over the Empire in the battle, and the war's stalemate continued.

In 750 UC (441 IC / 3550 CE), Fang Tchewling was promoted to Admiral and appointed as Chief of Staff of the Free Planets Star Fleet. In 755 UC (446 IC / 3555 CE) he became the Joint Operations Headquarters Chief, serving in that capacity alongside fellow Mafia member Frederick Jasper (who served as Commander in Chief of the Free Planets Star Fleet) until 761 UC (452 IC / 3561 CE), though he interacted with Frederick Jasper only in a professional basis with no personal interactions. He was promoted to Fleet Admiral in 761 UC (452 IC / 3561 CE) and retired soon after. After retiring, and after his only son's death and the divorce of his wife, Fang spent most of his time alone, feeding pigeons in a park. Fang suffered from a lung embolism at the age of 63, and passed away after two acute incidents in 773 UC (464 IC / 3573 CE). Alfred Rosas arranged Fang's funeral, and he was buried in the city of Corinth on Heinessen. Fang was given a simple gravestone, marked only with the words, "Fang Tchewling's life was worthy of our trust." (SL: 'Between the Mourning Dress and Military Uniform')


Fang Tchewling was of true Asian descent, and so "Fang" was his surname. His tactical capabilities did not seem to be that of a genius, but they were very dependable, and were based on meticulous calculations and perfectionist preparations. Never one to collapse, he often maintained his position in otherwise losing battles, and often created the chance for reversing the outcomes of those battles. He was a difficult and serious man, and even when someone cracked a joke and everyone was laughing, he remained expressionless. One time, out of the blue, he shared a humorous story with his friends. After he told the story and everyone laughed, he asked his friends what was so funny about the story. His friends didn't know what to say. He didn't know how to give lip-service, either to his superiors or to his subordinates, so he was not very popular. Ashbey may have trusted this dependable man more than anyone else, though it doesn't mean he liked him. (SL: 'A Profile of Heroes')



Name variations

Background information

Fang is a relatively uncommon Chinese surname and Tchewling (more accurately transliterated as Qiulin) literally means "autumn woods" in Chinese.

Note: This character's name uses Chinese conventions (surname before given name).
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