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August I (Japanese: アウグスト1世) was the ninth kaiser of the Galactic Empire. As a ruler he was balanced, but his private life was tempestuous, he had the reputation of "mediocre in the inner palace, wise on the political stage." He particularly loved women with long, beautiful hair, and went so far as to have a bed covered in the hair of a thousand women so that he could roll on it, while more hair tumbled from above the bed. The histories of the tens of concubines in his inner palace are filled with tragic farcical tales. A woman whose floor-length chestnut brown hair was found to be a wig was pushed into a pond in the depths of winter to freeze to death. There are tales of women burning to death from having their hair set alight by rivals in palace struggles. Whilst mourning at the deathbed of a beloved concubine, the kaiser himself accidentally swallowed some of her hair, resulting in damage to his gastric lining and frightening his doctors.

Ultimately he was still judged to have been an above average ruler as these dramas remained confined to the inner palace and he conducted public affairs with appropriate fairness and dignity though still as an authoritarian autocrat. (Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden: 'Enemy, Friend, Enemy, Enemy, Enemy...', Encyclopaedia Die Legende der Sternhelden)

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