Otfried II

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Otfried II (Japanese: オトフリート2世) was the eighth kaiser of the Galactic Empire. He ascended to the throne upon overthrowing his father, Kaiser Sigismund II.

He undertook a policy of reform, though in actuality he had few original policies of his own. His reforms consisted of abolishing his father's policies and reverting to that of the deceased Crown Prince Franz-Otto who had run affairs of state during the reign of Julius. The restoration of old policies did much to wipe away the injustices of his father's rule and helped restore waning popular support for the Goldenbaum dynasty. Nonetheless a certain amount of bloodletting was necessary in order to deal with entrenched vested interests holding on to ill-gotten gains. The three ministers favoured by his father were all executed and their vast assets confiscated. The 20,000 civil servants and military officials as well as the 40,000 wealthy merchants that had received bribes or favours from these three were all exiled. He ruled for only 6 years, dying possibly as a result of overwork and stress. (Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden: 'Enemy, Friend, Enemy, Enemy, Enemy...', Encyclopaedia Die Legende der Sternhelden)

He was succeeded by August I who continued his reforms.

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