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Erich II (Japanese: エーリッヒ2世) was the 15th kaiser of the Galactic Empire. He was named, "The Blood-Stopper."

Formerly Marquis Rinderhof. He was the son of Richard III's brother, Grand Duke Andreas. During the reign of the bloodthirsty August II, he fled the capital for his own fief. When August II had killed nearly all his relatives in the capital, he remembered Marquis Rinderhof and summoned him to the capital. Knowing that to obey was certain death, Marquis Rinderhof refused the summons and instead called upon all nearby Imperial military units to join him in revolt.

Initially the revolt was started with the expectation of defeat. Aware of the torture and painful death that awaited him should he fail, he secreted poison capsules in his mouth as a precaution. However 3 talented young admirals, one of whom was Konrad Heinz von Lohengramm, unexpectedly joined him and pledged loyalty. One of them had had his wife brutally killed by August II. Their forces met and defeated the punitive force sent by August II in the Battle of Trarbach. The number of surrendering soldiers outnumbered the dead by 20 to 1 and was virtually the entire remaining force.

He took the throne after August II's death, and first rewarded then executed the Imperial Guard commander that had killed August II, due to the commander's former actions enacting August II's brutality. While Erich II's rule was not particularly creative or enlightened, he nonetheless swept away the shadow of August II's politics of fear, and reassured the people, prolonging the lifespan of the Goldenbaum Dynasty. (Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 4: The Plot, Encyclopaedia Die Legende der Sternhelden)

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