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Manfred II (Japanese: マンフレート2世) was the 27th kaiser of the Galactic Empire.



A bastard sun of emperor Helmut, Manfred II narrowly avoided assassination after being named crown prince. Afterwards he fled to the Free Planets Alliance and spent his youth there. When he later returned to the empire and enthroned, Manfred II sought to end the long war with the Alliance and establish a lasting peace between the two powers, as equals. He also sought to implment numerous social and political reforms, however less than a year after he was crowned, Manfred II was assassinated before he could realize his ambitions. As a result relations between the Empire and Alliance rapidly deteriorated once more.

Although reactionary nobles performed the assassination, they were in truth working (knowingly or not) at the behest of the Dominion of Fezzan, who sought to prolong the war in order to strengthen their economy while simultaneously weakening the Empire and Alliance, with the long-term goal of toppling both nations and establishing a new galactic order with Earth at the top. (Encyclopaedia Die Legende der Sternhelden, Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 1: Dawn))



Manfred II's death early in his reign mirrors that of another emperor who sought to dramatically reshape and improve the galaxy, only to die before seeing his dream realized. In the latter case, however, his careful selection of heir ensured that the new social and political reforms would continue.

Background information

Kaiser Manfred's attempts at political reform in the late Goldenbaum Empire were similar to the attempts at reforming the late Qing Dynasty by the Guangxu Emperor, the penultimate Qing emperor of China, who was prevented from doing so by reactionary members of the imperial clan.

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