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Manfred II (Japanese: マンフレート2世) was the 27th kaiser of the Galactic Empire. He was one of Helmut's bastard sons and as Crown Prince narrowly avoided assassination. Afterwards he fled to the Free Planets Alliance and spent his youth there. After returning and taking the throne, he was committed to establishing peace and equal relations between the Empire and the Alliance, as well as resolving to enact political reforms. He was assassinated within a year and afterwards relations between the Empire and Alliance rapidly deteriorated again. Though his assassins on the surface were reactionary nobles, rumours circulated that the Dominion of Fezzan had actually been behind the assassination. (Encyclopaedia Die Legende der Sternhelden, Prologue: A Brief History of the Galaxy)


Background information

Kaiser Manfred's attempts at political reform in the late Goldenbaum Empire were similar to the attempts at reforming the late Qing Dynasty by the Guangxu Emperor, the penultimate Qing emperor of China, who was prevented from doing so by reactionary members of the imperial clan.

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