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Painting of Kaiser Julius
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Occupation: Kaiser of the Galactic Empire
Status: Deceased (assassination)
Died: 6 April 453 UC (144 IC / 3253 CE)

Julius (Japanese: ユリウス1世) was the 6th Kaiser of the Goldenbaum Dynasty.


The younger brother of the fourth Kaiser, Otfried I, Julius took the throne at age 76 after the abdication of Kasper, and was extremely healthy. He outlived his own son, Crown Prince Franz-Otto, who died of illness at the age of 74, when Julius was 95. Julius was poisoned on 6 April 453 UC (144 IC / 3253 CE) at the age of 96 by his great-grandson, the newly designated Crown Prince Karl, who feared that his great-grandfather would never die. However Karl's actions were discovered and he lost the struggle for the throne. The stepson of Franz-Otto would be crowned in his stead as Sigismund II. (LOGH: 'Past, Present, and Future')

Julius was already old and tired upon gaining the throne, and had no desire to engage in politics. His son, Crown Prince Franz-Otto, unofficially held the real power and dealt with matters of state. Aside from important ceremonial functions, Julius lived and spent his time in his harem's quarters, surrounding himself with the youthful vitality of beautiful women to invigorate his old body. (Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden: 'Enemy, Friend, Enemy, Enemy, Enemy...')

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