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Wilhelm II (Japanese: ウィルヘルム2世) was the 29th kaiser of the Galactic Empire.

His heir, the future Kornelias II, was by his consort, Konstanze. However he greatly favoured a concubine named Dorothea and had a son, Grand Duke Albert, which gained mother and son Konstanze's enmity. One day when Albert was 15 years old and exploring, he ventured into the secret passageways that riddled Neue Sanssouci and was never seen again. His exact fate remained unknown nearly a century later, though there were two main theories. The first was that his mother feared for his life and taking advantage of an opportunity when Wilhelm II was confined to bed from sickness, had Albert smuggled to the Free Planets Alliance where he lived out the rest of his days uneventfully. The second theory was that Konstanze was responsible and had Albert lured into the depths where he met a horrible death.

After Albert's disappearance, Wilhelm II died, and Dorothea died of apparent poisoning a day after Konstanze's son took the throne. Just one month after that, Konstanze died of an unexplained illness.

(Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 4: The Plot, Encyclopaedia Die Legende der Sternhelden, p. 26)

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