Kornelias II

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Kornelias II (Japanese: コルネリアス2世) was the 30th kaiser of the Galactic Empire.

For years he had suspected his mother, Konstanze, of having a role in the disappearance of his half-brother Grand Duke Albert. Two decades after Albert's disappearance, as Kornelias II lay gravely ill on his deathbed, a man resembling a mature Albert appeared and successfully convinced the nobility that he was the missing Grand Duke. Kornelias II summoned Albert to his deathbed for a tearful meeting and the nobility began to prepare for Albert to be the next kaiser.

Then suddenly this man disappeared with 50 million Imperial Marks worth of jewelry and in the company of a young maid, leaving behind another dozen lovers and half a dozen illegitimate children. The nobility were ridiculed by the general populace and some nobles with the name Albert went so far as to change their names, to avoid being associated with the impostor.

(Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 4: The Plot, Encyclopaedia Die Legende der Sternhelden)

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