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The flagship Bridget (745 UC (436 IC / 3545 CE))
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Flag officer: Vice Admiral Frederick Jasper
Type: Battleship
Purpose: Flagship (4th Fleet), later Supreme Flagship
Pennant number: 0401
Armament: 20 forward cannons
Status: Decommissioned

The Free Planets Alliance battleship Bridget (Japanese: ブリジット) was flagship of the Free Planets Alliance 4th Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Frederick Jasper. (SL: 'A Profile of Heroes')


Service history

The Bridget participated in the Second Battle of Tiamat and played several pivotal roles in that battle as flagship of the 4th Fleet. In the first phase of the battle, Jasper headed off the Imperial back-turn maneuver, though he did not directly engage in combat. In the second phase of the battle, as part of the Alliance vanguard, the 4th Fleet cut cleanly into the Imperial formation in 15 minutes. Then, Bridget participated in a combined attack by the 4th Fleet and 5th Fleet that inflicted heavy damage on the Imperial led counterattack led by Vice Admiral Keit. Subsequently, Bridget led the attack by the 4th Fleet that effectively destroyed Vice Admiral Kartenborn's fleet. Afterwards, Bridget participated in the aftermath of the Battle of Palantia and inflicted some losses on the rear of the Imperial fleet, exacting some revenge for the defeated 11th Fleet.

When Jasper became Chief Commander of the Free Planets Alliance Star Fleet in 753 UC (444 IC / 3553 CE), Bridget would have become flagship for the Free Planets Alliance Star Fleet. When Jasper stepped down from that post in 770 UC (461 IC / 3570 CE), Bridget would presumably have either been decommissioned or transferred to the command of another officer. (SL: 'The Man Loved by the Goddess of Time: Chronicle of the Second Battle of Tiamat, Part I', 'The Death of a Hero: Chronicle of the Second Battle of Tiamat, Part II', 'Between the Mourning Dress and Military Uniform')


The Bridget like other Alliance flagships of the era, had a single very large engine section. Notable characteristics of the Bridget include the two smaller wedge shaped projections on its forward dorsal and ventral hull, housing 4 secondary weapon openings, possibly missile launchers, and two red colored grilles on each side of its engine section, which may have been for radiation of heat. Such red colored grilles would become a common feature on later Alliance flagship designs. Additional armor plating protected both sides of its front hull section, though a central gap in the plating left some exposed machinery. This may have been for heat radiation, ease of maintenance access, or perhaps to allow for sensors to receive information. (SL: 'A Profile of Heroes', 'The Man Loved by the Goddess of Time: Chronicle of the Second Battle of Tiamat, Part I', 'The Death of a Hero: Chronicle of the Second Battle of Tiamat, Part II')



Background information

Old Irish Brigit came to be spelled Brighid by the modern Irish period. The form gave rise to the Anglicization Bridget, now commonly seen as Brigid.

In Irish mythology, Brigit or Brighid was the daughter of the Dagda and one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She was the wife of Bres of the Fomorians, with whom she had a son, Ruadán.

Production sketch
Bridge sketch


DVD features

A production sketch of the Bridget and its bridge appears in the extra features of the DVD box set.

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