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Gender: Male
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Rank: Vice admiral
Occupation: Fleet Commander (Andrassy Squadron)
Status: Deceased

Andrassy was an Alliance vice admiral and one of the fleet commanders serving under Lin Pao during the Battle of Dagon.

Andrassy was born in the later years of the 'Alliance Golden Age', and was in his thirties by the time of the Battle of Dagon. He was considered one of the best command officers in the Free Planets Star Fleet by the time contact was made with the Galactic Empire. Because of these pre-war achievements, he was one of five admirals chosen along with Mungay, Oersted, Orewinsky and Ward, each to lead a squadron during the battle which would decide the future of the young nation. When told that Lin Pao would command the Alliance fleet, with Yūsuf Topparol as Chief of Staff, his reaction was to shrug helplessly.

During the Battle of Dagon, Andrassy showed himself to be a capable tactical commander. When the Alliance forces were temporarily at a disadvantage, he launched a swift assaut which momentarily sent the enemy reeling back. Years later, he would reflect that the frantic and tactically illogical reaction to his assault showed the Imperial inexperience relative to the Alliance forces.

During the battle, when the commands from headquarters momentarily became sluggish while its commander and chief of staff debated on what to do, Andrassy angrily disapproved of this, going as far as to state that his will was already done and that, if Headquarters did nothing, disaster was soon to follow. The unprofessional outburst was uncharacteristically ignored by Yūsuf Topparol, and nothing came of the incident.

Andrassy's greatest combat contribution during the battle was during its last phase, when the fleet conducted a devastating three-pronged assault to envelop the inexperienced and confused Imperial forces. He intercepted them as they reeled from Ward's fierce assault, and gave an implacable order to fire. Because of this, Andrassy earned a reputation as being fierce, while he was generally a cautious and tactically-logical man.

Andrassy survived the Battle of Dagon. His services after the battle are unknown. (Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden, The Chronicle of the Battle of Dagon)

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