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Gender: Male
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Rank: Vice admiral
Occupation: Fleet Commander (Oersted Squadron)
Status: Deceased

Oersted was an Alliance vice admiral and one of the fleet commanders serving under Lin Pao during the Battle of Dagon.

Oersted was born in the later years of the 'Alliance Golden Age', and was in his thirties by the time of the Battle of Dagon. He was considered one of the best command officers in the Free Planets Star Fleet by the time contact was made with the Galactic Empire. Because of these pre-war achievements, he was one of five admirals chosen along with Andrassy, Mungay, Orewinsky and Ward, each to lead a squadron during the battle which would decide the future of the young nation. He is noted as the only squadron commander who didn't react in a particular fashion upon learning who would command the fleet.

During the Battle of Dagon, Oersted showed himself to be an highly capable commander. He, along with Ward, was instrumental in rescuing Orewinsky's fleet during the early phase of the engagement, preventing an early setback.

During the battle, Oersted was shown to be a trusted officer, receiving a special combat assignment from Supreme Commander Lin Pao. Even the hot-tempered Chief of Staff Yūsuf Topparol, despite reservations, admitted that Oersted was skilled and trustworthy. He was never seen to have significant problems with his commanding officers or with their decisions. His special assignment was most likely to launch assaults to disrupt communications and rattle the enemy forces, something which succeeded beyond the Alliance's expectations because of the Imperial forces being less prepared and tactically less experienced.

Oersted's greatest combat contribution during the battle was during its later phase, when a mistake by Imperial admiral Passenheim caused the Imperial forces to pass right in front of Oersted's fleet. Seizing the golden opportunity, Oersted attacked, killing Passenheim and decimating the enemy squadron decisively.

Oersted survived the Battle of Dagon. His services after the battle are unknown. (Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden, The Chronicle of the Battle of Dagon)

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