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Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Flag officer: Grand Duke Herbert
Type: Battleship
Purpose: Imperial Supreme Flagship
Length: 710 metres(FFC1)
Width: 120 metres(FFC1)
Height: 149 metres(FFC1)
Armament: 6 Forward Beam Cannons
Status: Unknown / Obsolete

The Göttingen was the flagship of the Imperial Expeditionary Force led by Grand Duke Herbert in (640 UC (331 IC / 3440 CE)), and fought in the Battle of Dagon. It was also the ship from which his chief advisor, Vice Admiral Ingolstadt, commanded the battle. The Göttingen had luxurious living quarters and entertainment facilities for Grand Duke Herbert and his noble advisors. The Battle of Dagon was a major Imperial defeat, though the Göttingen escaped to return to Odin. Its subsequent service after the battle is unknown.


Background information

Göttingen is a town in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Licensed sources

The Göttingen was visually identical to the contemporary standard Imperial battleship. In that era, fleet sizes were on the order of thousands of ships, and so dedicated flagship classes were not needed.

At the time, the ship class was the Empire's newest battleship class and formed the mainstay of Imperial forces. Its design was an evolution of the Galactic Federation's warships, and certain visual elements are similar.

The Empire's fleet doctrine of focusing on a smaller number of large calibre cannons was already apparent in this design. (Fleet File Collection Vol.1)

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