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Keltring (Japanese: ケルトリング) was a Fleet Admiral in the Galactic Empire who served as the Minister of Military Affairs in 433 IC (742 UC / 3542 CE).



The Fleet Admiral's eldest son Hermann von Keltring (died 430 IC (739 UC / 3539 CE)) and his second son Karl Heintz von Keltring (died 432 IC (741 UC / 3541 CE)) both died young in battle against Bruce Ashbey's forces. The Fleet Admiral thus harboured, professionally and personally, a deep resentment towards Ashbey.

Shortly before the Second Battle of Tiamat in 435 IC (744 UC / 3544 CE), Keltring fell ill. When his nephew, Wilhelm von Mückenberger, paid him a visit to wish him well, he died while grasping his nephew's hand, twice telling him to kill Bruce Ashbey during his final moments. (SL: 'A Profile of Heroes')




Keltring may be a combined name given by joining the names Kelt (a short for of Kelten, Celts) and ring. As such Keltring means Kelten-Ring, which is a reference to the Celtic tradition of a oath-ring around an arm. The oath such a ring represented usually symbolised the defence of land and/or family until death, which is referenced by Keltring's hate of Ashbey for killing his two sons, and also the request he posed to his nephew.

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