Wilhelm von Mückenberger

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Vice Admiral Mückenberger (745 UC (436 IC / 3545 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Rank: Vice Admiral
Flagship(s): Quermark
Status: Deceased (killed in action)
Died: 5 December 745 UC (436 IC / 3545 CE)
Spouse(s): Wilhelmina von Mückenberger
Children: Gregor von Mückenberger
Other relative(s): Keltring (uncle)
Played by: Kawahara Kazuhisa

Wilhelm von Mückenberger (Japanese: ウィルヘルム・フォン・ミュッケンベルガー) was a Vice Admiral in the Imperial Fleet. He was also the father of Gregor von Mückenberger.


Mückenberger's early life and career is unknown. In 745 UC (436 IC / 3545 CE) during the Second Battle of Tiamat, he commanded a fleet under Fleet Admiral Zieten. He had seen the battle as an opportunity to avenge the recent death of his uncle, Fleet Admiral Keltring, who had long seen Bruce Ashbey as his nemesis. He promised to reward the person that could kill Bruce Ashbey with whatever he wanted, prompting Hauser von Steiermark to criticise that officers were using Imperial forces to pursue private vendettas. On 5 December 745 UC (436 IC / 3545 CE), Wilhelm von Mückenberger was killed in action when his fleet was caught between the Alliance 5th Fleet and the Alliance 11th Fleet whilst attempting to cut off and destroy the former. (SL: 'The Man Loved by the Goddess of Time: Chronicle of the Second Battle of Tiamat, Part I', 'The Death of a Hero: Chronicle of the Second Battle of Tiamat, Part II')



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