Alfred Alois Winckler

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Vice Admiral Winckler (800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Rank: Vice Admiral
Status: Unknown

Alfred Alois Winckler (Japanese: アルフレット・アロイス・ヴィンクラー) was an Imperial flag officer who had served as the commander of the Imperial base in Uruvasi during Oskar von Reuenthal's tenure as Governor-General of Neue Land.


Early life and military career

Nothing is known about Winckler's past, except for the fact that he was under the command of Admiral Oskar von Reuenthal and was later appointed commander of the Uruvasi base.

The Uruvasi Incident

On 7 October 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE) while en route to the planet Heinessen, Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm decided to stop by the planet Uruvasi, which was then under Winkler's jurisdiction. On the night of the same day, the planet's garrison opened fire on the Kaiser's guardsmen. In the course of this incident, Admiral Cornelius Lutz, who was covering the Emperor's withdrawal from the planet, was killed. (LOGH: 'The Urvashi Incident')

After these tragic events, Oskar von Reuenthal sent Admiral Alfred Grillparzer to crush the rebellion on the planet Uruvasi and investigate the assassination attempt on the emperor. After breaking the rebel defences, Grillparzer was disappointed by what he saw: Most of the documentation had been destroyed, and Winckler himself was nowhere to be found. The garrisons that surrendered to the admiral gave completely different reasons for the beginning of the insurgency:

One of them claimed that Admirals Neidhart Müller and Cornelius Lutz were members of the Terraist Church and that they intended to kill the Kaiser. In this way, Winckler only wanted to save the Kaiser.

However, in the course of further investigation, several facts came to light:

1. Alfred Winckler may have had a drug addiction, as indicated by surviving documents from the clinical records;

2. Some of the soldiers of the garrison of the planet in one way or another belonged to the Terraist Church. Winckler wasn't an excluding factor.

However, Admiral Grillparzer did not report the result of the investigation to Admiral Reuenthal, which made the latter's subsequent rebellion irreversible. (LOGH: 'In the Name of Pride')

After the rebellion

As Reuenthal's rebellion came to a close, Admiral Ernest Mecklinger decided to reopen the case of the Kaiser's assassination attempt on the planet Uruvasi. After discovering the same thing, Mecklinger accused Grillparzer of two crimes:

1. Raising arms against the Kaiser;

2. Fooled Admiral Reuenthal by not giving him accurate information about the incident, which eventually led Reuenthal to start a rebellion against the Kaiser.

However, the subsequent fate of Winckler remains unknown. (LOGH: 'Die by the Sword')



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