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The flagship Nürnberg (800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE))
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Flag officer: Admiral Bayerlein
Type: Battleship
Purpose: Flagship (Bayerlein Fleet)
Length: 855 metres(FFC6)
Width: 331 metres(FFC6)
Height: 183 metres(FFC6)
Crew: Unknown(FFC6)
Status: Active

The Nürnberg (Japanese: ニュルンベルク) was the Imperial flagship of Admiral Karl Edward Bayerlein.


Service history

Karl Edward Bayerlein transferred his flag from the Heorot to the Nürnberg sometime after his promotion to Admiral. The Nürnberg was first observed at the Battle of the Corridor in 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE), with the Bayerlein Fleet under Fleet Admial Mittermeyer's command. (LOGH: 'The Battle of the Corridor: Kaleidoscope')

The Nürnberg next fought at the Second Battle of Rantemario during Oskar von Reuenthal's rebellion, where Bayerlein's fleet was lured into a trap by Fleet Admiral Reuenthal's own detachment. The Nürnberg and its fleet were ultimately saved by timely intervention by Fleet Admiral Mittermeyer. It also fought at the Battle of Shiva. (LOGH: 'Live by the Sword...', 'The Beautiful Maiden Wants Blood')




Name variations

Licensed sources

The Nürnberg was the pioneer of a new generation of flagships and became the flagship of Karl Edward Bayerlein in January 800 UC (2 NIC / 491 IC / 3600 CE) and his 6,000 ship strong fleet.

Its frame takes the curved armour technology demonstrated on the Brünhild to its limit, combined with high output shield generators. Its main weapons follow the example first set by the Brünhild of having all its main weapons in hidden recessed mountings. Spaced around the ship are small antennas, that enable the flagship to maintain contact with each ship's navigator. In addition it allowed for realtime status updates on condition of each ship including such things as the amount of energy remaining for each ship, remaining missile ammunition status, damage reports, and the fatigue level of the crew.

The difference in design philosophy behind this smaller mass flagship and the more massive old Wilhelmina flagship class could be seen as symbolic of the difference in style of rule between Reinhard von Lohengramm and the old Goldenbaum nobles. The rule of the latter had been as a crushing weight to their subjects. Powerful main engines mounted, one on either side of the main hull, gave an acceleration approaching that of the flagship of the Black Lancers, the Königs Tiger.

The hangar at the rear was a half open slit shaped hangar design like that used on the Garga Falmul. Small craft recovery with the style of launch ports used on the old standard battleships had demanded a higher degree of skill from pilots than landing with this newer hangar design. The potential hazards of having such a large opening in the rear of the ship was known. Like the Garga Falmul, the protocol was for all engines to maintain thrust during combat operations so as to make targeting the hangar difficult for the enemy. In the event of enemy fire hitting the hangar, the rationale was that the half open design would channel any explosion outwards, reducing damage to the rest of the ship.

Secondary engines were mounted on top and below each main engine. These were for use in atmosphere. (Fleet File Collection Vol.6)

Background information

Nürnberg is a city in the German state of Bavaria.

FFC drawing


Fleet File Collection

The Nürnberg is included as a model in Fleet File Collection Vol.6. In a 'Reader Memo' in Fleet File Collection Vol.6, it is mentioned that the future could consist of ships like the Nürnberg leading thousands of ships like the Valendown since the former was the herald of a new generation of flagships while the latter was a prototype for a new standard battleship design.

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