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Olivier Poplin (795 UC (486 IC / 3595 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Free Planets Alliance
Rank: Commander
Occupation: Spartanian wing commander
Status: Alive (801 UC (3 NIC / 492 IC / 3601 CE))
Played by: Toshio Furukawa

Olivier Poplin (Japanese: オリビエ・ポプラン) was a Spartanian wing commander in the Free Planets Star Fleet.

As of the end of the Eleventh Battle of Iserlohn, he claimed a total career record of over 253 kills, though it is unclear whether only enemy fighters are included in this total or whether capital ships are as well. ('A Challenge to Arms')



Memorable quotes

  1. "Right now, I'd settle for anybody who's biologically female."
  2. "Fruit, war and women — each of them becomes ripe at the right time."
  3. "Teaching the ladies of Iserlohn to have something of a philanthropic spirit is of little or no importance."
  4. "Listen, don't you dare try to get out of character and try to protect the nation! Think only of the pretty girl you have a thing for and wish to see her smiling face alive. Then the jealous God'll abandon you, and you'll be protected by the devil's luck."
  5. "Quit hitting me with logic!"
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