Anton Hilmer von Schaft

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Admiral Schaft (798 UC (489 IC / 3598 CE))
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Rank: Admiral
Occupation: Head of science and technology division
Status: Unknown
Played by: Arimoto Kinryū

Anton Hilmer von Schaft (Japanese: アントン・ヒルマー・フォン・シャフト) was an Imperial admiral who served under Reinhard von Lohengramm as the head of the Science And Technology Division, holding that post since around 792 UC (483 IC / 3592 CE). That made him one of the few high ranking officials from the Goldenbaum Dynasty that were able to keep their post after the Lippstadt War. Under the covert direction of Fezzan he produced and implemented a plan to mobilise Geiersburg Fortress, which led ultimately to the Eighth Battle of Iserlohn. (LOGH: 'Portraits')

He was subsequently arrested on charges of corruption, embezzlement of public funds, tax evasion, and betrayal of military secrets. The evidence for it was given to the Empire by Rupert Kesserling, on Adrian Rubinsky's orders, as Schaft was no longer useful to them in the aftermath of the Imperial defeat at the Eighth Battle of Iserlohn. (LOGH: 'Determination and Ambition')



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